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ZEBORA YSW10 Pan & Tilt Wireless IP Camera with 720P HD Resolution IP Camera

Product Specification

  • Lens pixel1.0 megapixel
  • ResolutionHD 1280 x 720 (720P)
  • Focal Length f = 3.6mm
  • Lens view angle69°
  • Pan/Tilt Angle355°/120°
  • Night vision distance40ft
  • Audio input/outputTwo-way audio
  • MemorySupports up to 64GB micro SD card
  • Motion DetectionAlert on your phone
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YSW10 is a great WiFi smart camera that you will enjoy. In order to properly connect the camera with WiFi, the quick camera setup and the video record setup are the most important steps, as below:

I. Cellphone/Tablet Setup
Make sure your cellphone/tablet is connected with Wi-Fi.
1. Search for the “Yooee” App from the Apple Store (for iOS user) or Play Store (for Android user) and install the app in your cellphone/tablet. Register for an account and log in. (Other android users, simply go to “Download Center ” to download the “software for android”)
2. On the top right corner, click “+” and choose “Smartlink”. Now plug in your camera and wait for 20 seconds until you hear  the camera beep (Make sure to hear the computerized voice before the next step). Click “Next”.
3. Manually input the Wi-Fi password. Click “Next”.
*If you choose a default wireless password, make sure to delete the extra space at the end. 
4. You will hear a “Ding” once the camera detects the Wi-Fi. After about 25 seconds, a tab called “Setting Success” will pop up. Select “Ok”, and the camera ID will show up.
5. Please input the camera password “123”. Click “Save”. Your camera is now connected to Wi-Fi. Click the image icon to play video. Swipe the screen to control the camera remotely.
* If the Wi-Fi connection failed, reset the camera by pressing the reset button for 5 seconds. After 30 seconds, you will hear two beeps, and then repeat steps 3-6.

II. Multiple Cellphones/Tablets Setup
*Must be the first step to connect the camera with Wi-Fi.
*Must use one Yoosee account for one device only.
1. You must register another Yoosee account for second device.
1. For a second device, you must have a separate Yoosee account.
2. Log into the Yoosee account on the second device:
* If the device connects with the same Wi-Fi as the camera, click a tab titled “Discover 1 new device” and input the camera password (If the password is not reset, it is “123”). Click “Save”to add the camera to your Yoosee device list.
* If your device does not connect with the same Wi-Fi as the camera, click “+” on the top right corner, choose “Manual” to add the correct Wi-Fi. Input a camera name in the first line, and input the camera ID (located at the bottom) in the second line and on the last line, type in the camera password. Click “Save” to add the camera to the device list. If it shows “Offline” when you open the app, please pull up the “device list” page and hold (until the screen says it is loading) for seconds in order to refresh it.

III. PC (Windows only) Setup
*You can only set up the PC after your camera is connected to Wi-Fi.
1. Go to, in Download Center>>App Download and download and install CMS for Windows PC (Not Mac). Click the icon titled “CMSClient” on your desktop.
2. You can choose one of the two Login modes:
*Local Login: User: admin (case sensitive),Password: 00000000 (Eight “0”s)
*Remote Login: use your cellphone/tablet Yoosee account
3. After log in, click on the left to add device, then input your camera ID next to the 3C ID. The camera ID is located at the bottom of the camera (it is a 7-digit number). Input your camera password (If you don’t reset the password, it is “123”). Change the vice name (Optional). Click “OK”.
4. Double-click the device name under the device list on the left panel to start or stop connecting to your camera. Click the panel with four arrows on the left to control the camera.
* If you cannot connect your camera in the current login mode, simply log out and choose another login mode.
5. There are multiple monitor screens. One screen is for one camera. Double-click to reach full screen, and double click again to return.

IV Video Record Setup
For Cellphone/Tablet
*You need to have a micro SD card, it supports up to 64GB.
1. Insert the SD card into the slot behind the camera.
2. Open “Yoosee”, click the camera name, and a tab titled "Playback, Settings, Edit ”pops up.
3. Click Settings >>Date and Time. Set the camera “date and time”to your local date and time, click “Apply”. Set the “Timezone” to your local timezone (refer to Page 9), click “Apply”. Go to Storage Info>>Format/Erase SD card.
4. Remove the SD card and insert again. This is essential for the Video Record to be properly set up.
5. Go to Settings>>Record Settings”, and turn on “Record Switch”.
6. Click “Playback” to play the recorded videos after 30~60 minutes (Video will be saved automatically under “Playback” every 30 minutes).
For PC
* Micro SD cards are not needed for recording.
1. Log in to CMSClient, click and change the “File Save Path” for the video recorded. Find the file where the videos are saved and play.
2. On the top panel of the video screen, you can choose various operations.